Environmental Control

Our work activities in the controlled demolition trade carry with it the normal construction site environmental concerns, specifically that of noise and dust. It can never be emphasized enough:  the health consequences of noise and dust, as well its effect on the environment.

This is a pressing issue considering the degree of dust generated during our hacking, crushing and cutting activities. We have resolved some of the noise issues with machineries that generate lesser noise; and have made headways with control of dust as well.


Effectiveness of Dust Control Measures

Among the benefits garnered through the use of the foam system is the effective dust suppression, an ease of use, and materials which are simple and readily available. All these translates to the same dust control facility as the mist machine, with the added benefit of minimum moisture introduction.

The Mist and Bubble Foam machines serve us well in our operations; providing practical solution for dust control.  The benefits of which include: low maintenance and clean up cost; controlled use of water which also translates into minimal water run-off, and lower accident risks due to slips and falls; prolonged usability of equipments and machinery components; and provide safeguards for health and general well-being of workforce, in turn increasing morale and productivity.

Dust dissemination poses safety, health and environmental problems in many construction sites. Hence, our continuous attempts to effect minimal dust emission, or at least provide effective control. We believe that this issue need to be addressed not only as it affects immediate site vicinity but also by virtue of   its repercussion on the population and the environment.

Use of Mist Machine

The main objective for the use of the mist machine is to resolve the problem of dust generated during hacking/crushing works especially within structures.
We have decided to adapt the  concept and common use of mist fans for dispelling irritants in confined space such as cigarette smoke, smell and resultant heat from the press of too many bodies in one place.

Consequently, we started using the same principle in our demolition activities; as we had common variables requiring the same consideration: dust and heat in confined space; and/or in open exposed areas.

There are numerous positive feedback from clients and main contractors acknowledging the use of the Mist Machine and its effectiveness with controlled demolition works. It is viewed as a positive move towards addressing a very common environmental issue on site.


Use of Bubble Foam Machine

Bubble foam machine has also been introduced at our project sites, especially with outdoor works. This employs the method of generating foam and applying it to prevent dust from becoming airborne.