Our Equipments

Here are some of the equipments we deploy

  • Wall Saw System

    The hydraulic power saw cutting system allows for horizontal and vertical cutting; even angular cutting; and where precision cutting is required. Used for breaches and openings for escalator, travellator, lift, window, door and other structure elements.

  • Stitch Coring / Coring

    Stitch coring/Coring is done together with Wall Saw system; to prevent over cutting, and where deep cutting is required. This method also works where there is limited working space for the Wall Saw, such as small tunnels, pit holes and basement slab.

  • Wire Saw System

    The Wire Saw system is designed for demolition of substantial structures; such as thick walls, foundation, overhead bridge, pile-cap, beam, etc.

  • Hydraulic Crushing

    The hydraulic demolition machine requires minimal manpower (an Operator and an assistant) and maximizes productivity on site. This makes for prompt work execution, with safety concerns easily monitored and addressed.

  • Tile and Screed Remover

    The tile and screed remover is small enough for mobilization to any area of existing buildings. With an option to remove only the tiles, re-using the existing screed allows for cost reductions.

  • Hand Concrete Crusher

    The hand concrete crusher is suitable for use in buildings’ interior demolition works; such as breaking concrete and masonry, cutting metals, cables, woods, iron rods.

  • Mini Crawler Crane

    The Mini Crawler Crane is run either by electrical, or diesel options. And the remote controlled crane can be operated within the existing building.

  • Spider Boom Lift

    The Spider Boomlift is an aerial work platform used to provide access to difficult to reach areas, usually at height; and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Floor Saw

    The Floor Saw is used to cut asphalt and concrete cleanly and effectively to enable efficient repairs and alterations to these surfaces. There is no setting up time, low vibration levels, and is a very fast cutting unit.

  • Manual Demolition

    Structure demolition is normally, and traditionally undertaken with the use of hacking machine and breakers.

  • Mist Machine