Controlled Demolition

We specialise in –

  • Controlled Demolition
  • Structure Strengthening
  • Grouting / Repair

Controlled demolition is effected where there are environment controls or parameters present; such as when minimal vibration and/or noise are essential or expected in the execution of the works.  It is also necessitated when existing buildings are to be demolished in part, such that adjacent areas are still operational.
Thus, all activities are undertaken without damage to, and while preserving the integrity of surrounding areas.


When is Controlled Demolition Neccessary?

  • The structure for demolition is next to hospitals, hotels, embassies, and other important buildings where excessive noise or vibration are not allowed or welcomed.
  • The structure to be demolished is sharing a common wall with adjacent space/ area.
  • The building is still ”Live”, with business and other usual activities still being carried out within the premises.
  • Only part or parts of the structure require demolition works; as opposed to full scale demolition.